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Welcome to HICompany  Ltd.

H.I.Company Ltd. is a small  independent  London-based company, specialising in the preparation and Installation Victorian tiles, Path ways, Hall ways, Front Garden Renovation, Bricks wall, Metal railing, Cloakrooms, Kitchens, Bathroom wall and floors mosaic tiles as well as the replacement of contemporary and original tiles.

Victorian tiles London

You are a royalty and your home is your castle and your piece of art – something that reflects you. How will you style it? 

Whether you are revamping an older house or you are moving into a new home, you could never go wrong with Victorian tiles for a truly distinctive and retro vintage look. These tiles are the finest choice to give a twist your customary floor that will surely and perfectly suit your taste. It gives your home a glamorous edge and your floor a timeless look in as much as it projects a warm and cosy aura for you and your family. 

Victorian Path

Victorian Path way

Path ways with Victorian tiles have embellishing features for modern style properties that will surly lure everyone to take a tour of the whole place. Who says you cannot give your very own touch on your pathway? With Victorian path way tiles, your own imagination is the only restriction. When installed correctly and accurately, your pathway will surely display a stunning view that even you, yourself cannot take your eyes off of it. It will surely be an eye-candy for anyone.

Front Garden

Garden Renovation

Once in a while, renovations are needed in the front garden to give it a new gaze or to give a twist to the older garden. A well-planned and well-organized front garden design should supplement the natural landscape of the area and develop the over-all theme of the home. Nowadays, modern front garden designs are more into the minimalist and sparse look which is way different from the baggy shapes and profusion of colours used before. 

Victorian Path Tiling

Path are the backbone of any place which provides a sense of structure and order. It adds elegance and beauty to the place while oozing off directive appearance. On the other hand, Victorian tiles emits a bygone charm to create a sense of sophistication in any setting. What if these two are combined? Definitely, an amazing result awaits in the corner.

Victorian Path tiling is a masterpiece which is way more challenging to accomplish than any other typical tiling and often calls for greater level of skills from the tilers. Carrying out the installation and restoration is a complex process which should be done by professional tilers in order to achieve the authentic and historic look right in your pathway.

You can also take a look at Pathways and Hallways showcasing our work.

Victorian  Tiles

HICompany is concentrating on perform each job with care and attention.

Victorian floor tiles brings right into your home the beauty of British houses you see on television with its eye-catching geometric pattern or classic check board pattern. Most of these patterns are based on authentic and traditional designs from the Victorian era which is a part of Britain’s rich heritage. But it doesn’t mean that these tiles doesn’t suit modern homes since a splash of colour has been added for a better pallete.

Classic and Elegant

These simply beautiful tiles are long lasting, hard-wearing, fully vitrified, and fully frost resistant and absorbs lesser dirt and moisture than any other tiles available in the market. The combination of the character and elegance of the original design – a quintessential British style and period charisma that other floors just can’t match will surely make your home different from any other home. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality standards in work, services and safety with comprehensive range Victorian floor tiles.

Victorian Hallway
Supply and installation services for you Victorian Hallway tiles.
Victorian Path tiles
Victorian Path
Installation of new Victorian mosaic Path tiles
Metal Railing
Metal Railing
We supply and fitting metal railing, gate and fence